sábado, 8 de julio de 2017

Hot and Sexy Videos

Marlon Teixeira for "Agua de Coco"


"Alone" by Bell Soto feat. David Axell

David Gany "Bad Things" | Oh My Gandy!

Chad White for Atlantic Underwear

"Born Free" | Made in Brazil #4

Nick Youngquest for Rocket Magazine

Rodrigo Calazans by Bell Soto

Andy Walters by Bell Soto

Marlon Teixeira for "Forget them"

Thor Henrisksen by Bell Soto

André Hamann for Calvin Klein

Braeden Wright by Joe Lally

Francisco Lachowski by Justin Wu

Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio by Joe Lally

The Objectification of Dakota Taylor by Joe Lally

Bill McLarnon and Alex Ciappara by Joe Lally

Max Silberman by Bell Soto

David Gandy for Autograph Underwear

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